Many of the canvas tote bags have excellent works of art on them. Quite often, the amount of creativity poured into the designs or paintings on those tote bags are truly amazing. The addition of these decorative arts makes the tote bags attractive. 

It requires some effort to create these wonderful paintings or designs. Besides, one cannot create such works of art without using all the essential items required for it. Given below are the items used for this purpose:

1. Canvas tote bag

It’s quite obvious that a plain canvas tote bag is essential for creating the desired painting or design. The artist can get the idea of colour and contrast correctly with such bags. There are several artists who prefer painting on coloured tote bags. Their advantage is that they would already have a background colour ready to get started. 

The size of a canvas tote bag to be used would depend on the preference of the artist. Generally, medium-sized bags are used by beginners. The bag must not be crumpled and wrinkly as this would make it difficult for the artist to paint. To get a smooth and stretched surface, it must be ironed lightly.

2. Paint

There are several options in paint to be used for creating art on canvas tote bags. Among them is the acrylic paint, which dries faster and allows the addition of layers or crisp lines. Oil paints take longer to dry, but they can be blended well with the colours. As the oils can degrade fabrics over a period of time, the canvas would need some preparation. 

One of the benefits of oil paints is that they don’t lose their original colours when they dry. Although not so popular, watercolours can also be used for creating paintings and designs on canvas tote bags. They are used especially for creating abstract or dreamy paintings.

3. Brush

Each painting requires some specific brushes for the best results. If the acrylic paint is being used, a longer and sturdier brush would be required. Synthetic brushes are also recommended as they are quite resilient to the chemicals in acrylic paints. Natural brushes would go better with watercolours and oil paints. Beginners usually start with one small and one large round brush with one small and one large flat brush.

4. Palette and palette knife

In order to mix the paints while painting, either a porcelain palette or a professional palette is used. The palette knife would be essential if the artist uses acrylic paints. It helps in mixing and spreading the paint. The palette knife can also be used to apply paint on the canvas. 

Some of the colours can be mixed using brushes. However, when acrylic paints are used, the use of these brushes may result in altered bristles. This is because the acrylic paint is thicker and rougher. 

5. A cup of water

To begin painting on a canvas tote bag, a cup of water would be needed. It is essential that the base of the cup be larger or the same size as its top. This prevents the cup from falling over and ruining the painting. If the artist doesn’t have a special water cup for painting, one of the mugs at home can be used. If the artist uses fluid acrylic paint, it must not be diluted a lot with water.