Often, the painting done on furniture in a hurried manner results in chips and peels some days later. It is, therefore, extremely necessary that you paint your furniture carefully and with the best products and tools. You don’t necessarily need fancy and expensive gadgets to do the job. 

There are a few different products and tools that would make this work easier and faster for you. Here are some of these tools and products that you must definitely try when painting your furniture:

1. Palm sander

For removing old finishes and getting down to the bare wood, a palm sander is highly effective. It saves you plenty of time and effort. A palm sander with finer grit sandpaper is a great combination for slightly scuffing a furniture piece before painting. Many individuals who work on furniture on a daily basis have found palm sander extremely useful.

2. Primer

The number of coats that you paint on a piece of furniture can be reduced considerably by using a good primer. It not only saves your time but also gives the paint a surface to stick to. This is essential to have a stronger finish. A shellac-based primer stops wood grain from bleeding through while using mineral paint. A small can of primer can be used to fix areas that bleed through the first coat of paint.

3. Tack cloth

Even when you’re sure of having cleaned all the wood dust, some of them go unnoticed. Using a tack cloth, you can get rid of the dust that enters into the finished coat of paint. Today, you’ll find the best deals on tack cloth on any of the leading online shopping portals where it’s available.

4. Sanding sponge

A sanding sponge is a foam that’s wrapped in sandpaper. It protects your fingers as you get into the edges while you’re busy with your sanding work. A sanding sponge is quite inexpensive and usually lasts longer.

5. Mask

Many individuals are fascinated by antique and vintage furniture items and love to have them in their homes. However, the old pieces are often covered in grime, dirt and other stuff that can be hazardous. So, it becomes necessary to wear a mask while preparing a piece of furniture. It must also be worn if the cleaner or paint you’re using instructs you to wear a mask.

6. Paint sprayer

Painting every nook and crannies can be an exhausting task. For painting furniture items with a lot of detail, you can save time and effort with a paint sprayer. Besides, spray paint makes a furniture surface look elegant, which is quite difficult to achieve with a brush.

7. Quality brushes

Using cheap brushes often result in more brush strokes and can make it harder to get a clean edge. Considering this fact, it would be a good idea to get good-quality brushes. They last longer and give the edge of your furniture piece a nice, clean look.

8. Hemp oil

One of the best ways to seal a natural wood finish is to use hemp oil. It brings out the rich and natural beauty of the wood and is absolutely safe and easy to use. Polymers like polyurethane create a topcoat that scratches or chips after some time. This can be avoided with the use of hemp oil.


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