In the past few years, online casinos have become extremely popular among gambling enthusiasts. The origins of online casinos date back to the 1990s. During the first 6 years of the 1990s, about 15 online casinos were launched. During those times, the internet and handheld devices were not as evolved as they are today. 

The art used in online casino games was quite basic. The main purpose was to enable players to place their bets and spin the slots. Today, different kinds of artworks can be seen in online casinos that have high standards of quality. For example, if you compare casino logos on CasinosJungle you can see how they are competing for new customers.

How online casinos benefit from using art

Art is used in online casino games for the purpose of attracting players and keeping them engaged. It is the art used in these games that makes all the difference. Otherwise, most of the casino games are the same. The players place their bet, click a button, and hope to win as the game begins. 

Of course, there are patterns that land them a win. However, the overall purpose of these games and the idea behind them are similar. Owing to these similarities, the casino game developers began focusing on something that would make their online casinos different. This was mainly to stand out among their competitors. The answer was graphics and art. 

They hired the best graphic designers for creating the most compelling works of art for their online casinos. These highly attractive works of art and beautifully designed themes made every session of the players exciting. Detailed information on the online casinos with the most attractive themes can be found on

On this website, some of the best online casinos have been rated and reviewed by experts. The site also provides some valuable information on responsible gambling. Besides, the players can try some of the online casino games for free!

Using casino concept art for developing new games

Usually, the online casinos use a theme that can attract a large number of players. The best example in this regard would be an online casino based on a heavy metal theme. There are many gamblers who like the heavy metal sub-genre of rock music. 

Many among them would prefer playing in this casino than any of the casinos based on a different theme. This is the reason why concept art is used widely in the development of online casino games. When the developers of an online casino decide to create new games, they begin with a concept. 

This must always be the first step of the process. At this stage, they try to come up with a theme that would appeal to the maximum number of players. They may even conduct a poll on their social media channels to know players’ opinions on a particular theme.

The cost factor

The developers of online casinos hire a team of expert designers to develop concept art for the games. This increases the cost of the final casino game significantly. Considering this fact, it’s obvious that an online casino having an immensely attractive theme would be costly. 

Players would have to spend more on such casinos upon signing up. To offset the development costs, the online casinos might also charge a fee for certain features in the games.